Tenure-track Position Loyola Marymount


Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Faculty Advertisement

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Loyola Marymount University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level. Applicants should hold a Ph. D in Chinese with specialization in Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition or Sociolinguistics. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in language teaching at the college level, and possess native/near native proficiency in Chinese and English. The successful candidate must have knowledge of language proficiency assessment, expertise in the application of technology to language pedagogy, and experience teaching or developing engaged learning courses. The department is particularly interested in candidates with an inter-disciplinary teaching portfolio which will allow to cross-list courses with the Asian and Asian American Studies Department, the School of Education, or other disciplines.

The normal teaching load for LMU faculty is 2-2-2-3 four unit courses in a two year cycle including lower and upper division language, and content classes taught in Chinese and English. Duties include the coordination of the Chinese minor Program, and teaching Linguistic courses in English for the Modern Languages major. Evidence of strong scholarship or scholarly potential in areas consistent with the requirements of the position is necessary. Salary is competitive.

To apply, please, send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, a statement of teaching philosophy and research objectives, samplesyllabi, complete sets of student teaching evaluations (quantitative and qualitative), a copy of the official terminal degree transcript, and three letters of recommendation (one from a teaching supervisor). Application materials (in pdf format) should be uploaded along with the application to https://jobs.lmu.edu. Letters of recommendation must be submitted by the recommender directly to mdll@lmu.edu. Final application deadline is October 30th. 2017.


Utah Dual Language Immersion Programs, grades 7-9

Chinese Secondary Teaching Positions- Utah Dual Language Immersion Programs, grades 7-9

Utah schools are seeking qualified candidates to teach in secondary Chinese Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs.  Students in this program have attended 6 consecutive years in an immersion elementary program, where students received half day instruction in Chinese and half day in English.  As a result, these students are in a pre-AP, advanced language pathway in grades 7 and 8, and are targeted to take the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam in grade 9.  Teachers with experience or interest in teaching pre-AP and future AP Chinese courses should apply.

For more information on Utah’s secondary DLI pathway, please see http://l2trec.utah.edu/utah-dual-immersion/.  Candidates should look for postings on https://utah.teachers-teachers.com/, and enter the search filter of “Chinese Immersion” and grades “7, 8, and 9”.

Contact Person:
Shin Chi Fame Kao
K-12 Chinese Outreach Coordinator
Confucius Institute at the University of Utah
Office: (801) 585-0988
Email: shinchi.famekao@utah.edu