Dear colleagues,

As you are no doubt aware, learning Chinese has become more and more popular in the past decade. Correspondingly, the demand for Chinese language teachers and for quality Chinese language instruction is also increasing at an ever increasing pace. In Southern California alone, we have hundreds of Chinese instructors at all levels of education. In response to these demands, we have established a Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Southern California – CLTA-SC , an academic organization similar to its sister organizations that are sprouting up all over the country.

Our goal is to respond to the growing enthusiasm about Chinese and aim to do all that is within our power to cater to increasing demands on Chinese language instruction and better the teaching of Chinese language and culture. The events that CLTA-SC will be hosting include conferences and workshops where we can exchange ideas and share experiences, as well as students’ activities and cultural events.

We would like to seek your participation and support. If you endorse our goals and missions and wish to become a member of this association, please visit our web site The membership due is $25 per fiscal year. Please register online, print out the registration form and mail it along with your check.
If you know other colleagues who may be interested in joining this association, please encourage them to do so or contact us at with their contact information. We very much appreciate your help and participation.

Tianwei Xie, President, CLTA-SC (CSU Long Beach)
Cathy Wei, Vice President, CLTA-SC (Pasadena City College)