2011Spring Workshop

2011 April 教學工作坊

日程表 (下載:http://db.tt/AH7yCyxX)

09:30am-10:00am   Registration and Check-in  (Coffee and Tea are available)

10:00am-10:10am   Opening Remark and Introductions

10:15am-10:30am   Our Mandarin Immersion Classes, Tina Chan, Annie Tung, and Le Shen

Pasadena Unified School District

10:30am-11:00am   Strategies that Engage Students,  Wendy Cheong, San Francisco Unified School District

11:00am-11:30pm   Creating Your Own Website in 30 minutes, Chin-Hsi Lin, UCI

11:30pm-12:00pm  Membership Meeting

12:00pm-1:00pm    Lunch Break (Bring your own lunch)

1:00pm- 1:15pm     Three Models of Long Distance e-Tutoring: A Pilot Study in Progress,

Tianwei Xie, CSULB

1:15pm- 1:30pm    Enhancing Classroom Interactivity and Engagement: Online Student

Response Program Click Racer, John Chang & Ka Wong, USC

1:30pm -1:45pm    Developing Speaking Activities (for non-background students)

Joanne Chen, Irvine Valley College

1:45pm -2:00pm    Adopting the Thematic Approach:  A Content-Based Instructional Model,

Jane Kuo, UCSD, Ruohmei Hsieh, UCI, Cathy Wei, PCC

2:00pm- 2:15pm    Discussion  & Coffee Break

2:15pm- 2:30 pm   Teaching Vocabulary: Combining Technology with Cooperative Learning

Lois Chung, Pasadena Polytechnic School

2:30pm -2:45 pm   Zooming Out: An Approach to Teach Vocabulary and Grammar 

Horng-yi Lee, Whittier College

2:45pm -3:00 pm   Avoidance Phenomenon and Teaching Strategies in Chinese Writing 

Yan Shen, UCLA

3:00pm -3:15 pm   Empower Students through Writing 

Meijuan Dong, Cal Poly, Pomona

3:15pm -3:30pm    Two Interpersonal Learning Exercises, Sarah Yang & Maggie Chen,  CSULB

3:30pm -3:45 pm    Discussion & Coffee Break

3:45pm -4:00 pm   Classroom Management Through Communicative Activities

Lanting Xu, La Jolla Country Day School

4:00pm -4:15 pm   How the Trip To China in Summer Impacts Students’ Motivation In Learning Chinese

Shin Chi Fame Kao, Palos Verdes High School

4:15pm -4:30 pm   Aspects of Education in Taiwan, Robert Liu, ELAC, Zhengsheng Zhang, SDSU

4:30pm -4:45 pm   My Views on Teaching,  Thomas Wong, Oakwood  School

4:45pm -5:00 pm   Closing Activities