The purposes of the association shall be:

  • To support the ongoing professional development of current and future teachers of Chinese in both language teaching and cultural awareness, which includes creating opportunities, finding resources, and introducing new technologies to improve their teaching;
  • To promote articulation among all levels and all types of institutions;
  • To serve as a resource network in southern California for members to exchange ideas, information and experience relevant to their concerns;
  • To build and maintain a strong professional association, working in concert with a wide range of affiliated organizations which share related goals;
  • To be an effective advocate for the study of the Chinese language and culture with members of the educational community, as well as with the general public; and
  • To encourage a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among members.

Mission Statement:

The Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Southern California (CLTA-SC) is a non-profit, nonpolitical professional organization that provides an extensive networking resource for educators, students and professionals alike, in order to foster open dialogue and exchange, and to establish common goals for Chinese language and cultural education. We are also committed to raising awareness of our goals and to facilitating cooperation and partnerships with other like-minded organizations in the region.