Spring 2015 Pedagogy Workshop – Afternoon Exhibition

Spring 2015 中文教學創新與實踐成果展
Exhibition of Innovative Ideas and Practices in Chinese Language Instruction
Saturday Afternoon, April 25, 2015
Creveling Lounge
Pasadena City College

The afternoon session of the workshop is intended to focus on textbook writing and teaching materials preparation. The workshop will display all kinds of exhibits such as textbooks, theses, research articles, awards, real objects, pictures and photos, digital files and other media, in order to show the progress and achievements of Chinese language teachers of Southern California, especially those who are CLTA-SC members.

The Workshop Committee also invites teachers who plan to attend the workshop to introduce and mutually exchange educational products such as selected teaching materials, textbook compilation samples, classroom activity instructions, lesson plan formulations, key assignment developments, authentic material selections and designs for teaching activities, students’ course work and samples of class notes from the Chinese language perspective. Themes and topics may cover any aspect of teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing at any level.

  • Jane Kuo,  UC San Diego, “Startup Business: Chinese” from Introductory to Intermediate course
  • Xiaozhou Wu, Santa Monica College, “Bridge to China: An Integrative Approach to Intermediate Chinese”
  • Horng-Yi Lee, Whittier College, “Chinese 1-2-3”
  • Minqi Zhu, Long Beach Polytechnic High School,  “Learn to Speak Chinese through Contextualized Situations”

You are stiill welcome to share your materials with the audience in the Workshop. Please contact  Dr. Minqi Zhu at mzhu@lbschools.net for further details.