2013 Spring Pedagogy Workshop

Spring 2013 Pedagogy Workshop
Whittier College, CA
Saturday, April 27, 2013

Workshop Program 

Cathy Wei:  Opening Remarks, Introduction, and Schedule 

Presenters’ Power Point Slide

Miao-Fen Tseng: Language Teachers Perceptions of Tasks and TBLT
Shi Chi Kao: 綜合性的教學實驗
Lulei Su: Tonal Production in Disyllabic Words by Adult Chinese L2 Learners
Ruohmei Hsieh:Swap Shop
Thomas Wang: 有效的熟读背诵教学法
Melissa Cheng: Chinese Lantern
Jessica Chen: 三年级中文课的写作教学
Jake Liu: A Chinese Summer Language Intensive Program
Ying Petersen: To Engage Students in Text Making Via Internet
Joanne Chen: Conversation in the Cloud -Voicethread